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I've been playing a good deal when I was a kid. I also like to play games. I want to challenge myself through a game. I played in the dirt too. I thought my mother was trying to scold me. She just wanted to join one of my cousins in our mansion in my game. I love adventures so much. I like to try it again and once more. Now that I have grown up, I am just on a road trip. It makes a vacation more fun and exciting.

10/30/2017 7:15am

These are the cutest armadillos that I have ever seen! They might look cute and harmless but people should still be cautious around these creatures. I have read in a few articles that you should not really touch the armadillo's skin as you are likely to contract leprosy. Sounds scary, I know. You would not really expect these creatures to be that dangerous. Glad you were in a safe distance from them so you wouldn't risk touching them. They really look happy and healthy.

01/12/2018 4:17am

Just like the comment above, they are the cutest armadillos I've ever seen. Thank you for posting the video, you don;'t know how much happiness you gave me. At first, I thought it was just a typical video of armadillos. But they are very active, acting so jolly and that makes the whole content unique and entertaining to watch. I acknowledge the idea that some people might not like them because of how they look like, but that doesn't change the fact that they are lovely!

04/08/2017 11:11am

Armadillos are so cute. they are like raccoons but with armor. Great and calm animals.

05/13/2017 9:36am

Looks like they were pretty busy indeed. I love this video so much!


These armadillos are pretty cute, don't you think so? I really like this short video.


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